New Business Discount

Just by simply switching your insurance over to our company, you can enjoy up to 15% in discounts.

Multi-Policy Discount

Bundle your Home and Auto policies with us and received up to a 20% on your Home and Auto premiums. Check out how you can save here.

Multi-Vehicle Discount

Looking to add another vehicle to your policy? You would be eligible for an additional 15% discount on your Auto Insurance.

Professional Discount

Are you a member of a professional association? Call and find out if you apply for a 10% discount on your insurance rates.

Loyalty Discount

Enjoying all the savings we were able to provide you? If so, why don’t you stay a while and enjoy up to an additional 5% discount?

Mature Discount

Get up to a 12% discount just by showing us the wisdom you collected through your years.

Good Driver Discount

Never been pulled over by an officer? You sir, deserve up to a 10% discount.

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Above are a list of discounts that you may have been or still eligible for, it is primarily for informative purposes. Conditions, requirements and restrictions will apply. Please refer to your auto or home policy in order to extract the details, or simply give us a call for full details.